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Beauty Room
I drink a lot of water throughout the day –
it keeps me healthy and hydrated and I definitely can see the difference with my skin when I drink more water compared to when I don't!
I always shave my legs
the morning of a night out,

using Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk razor. It hydrates and illuminates my legs so I am ready to bare my pins in whatever length dress!
I love to pre-plan the perfect party outfit the week before a big event.
Depending on the occasion, I like to show off my legs, so a flattering cut is a must for me. Adding heels also creates definition to my legs and makes me feel instantly sexy.
I love an impromptu night out with the girls and if I don't have time to tan,
I dust my shins and above the knees with a regular bronzer for great looking legs. Bronzer is also an amazing product to patch up any tan disasters from any pre-tanning session!
I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day
and this is the best beauty tip in order to gain a crystal clear glowing complexion.
Make your eyelashes look big and bold by curling them first with an eyelash curler.
For high definition, I always apply two coats of lengthening mascara in deep black to extend and separate lashes – works a dream!
I always carry a tube of
beauty balm in my makeup bag,

this is essential for prepping the lips prior to your lipstick application, but you can also use it on your legs – I always do this before leaving the house with the girls for that glowing finish!
Ensure you use the right
powder blush for your skin tone.

Blush comes in a variety of formulas – powder, liquid, gel and cream. For night-time, I use a deeper colour blusher compared to a lighter blush which I use in the daytime.